The Grove: the most glamorous shopping in Los Angeles

The Grove Los Angeles

The grove is a big outdoor mall in Los Angeles, and it’s located right next to the Farmers Market. They have a ton of big brand stores and of course Morten had to go to the Apple Store… he just can’t resist:) California is so warm all year round and there are several small foodstands were you can buy food or a coffee to enjoy on the central square.

The hole place is set up to make it look like a European city plaza, with ornamented store fronts.

When we were there we really enjoyed it and noticed how everything was so pretty. When we got home our host told us that The Grove is where all the VIPs go if they need some more cover time. I’m sure they go there because it’s beautiful and has great valet parking.

I actually didn’t know what valet parking was… I mean, I have seen the service there people drop of their cars and some one else park it for you, I just didn’t know what it was called. Also, in Europe I hardly ever drive a car, I use public transport, it is so much faster!

This is a late christmas greeting from southern California;)

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