Roadtrip to “Surf City” aka Huntington beach

Huntington Beach

We were going to spend thanks giving with our good friend Michael in San Diego, so decided to do a small roadtrip down there from Los Angeles.

The stretch between LA and San Diego through Orange County has gorgeous beaches spred out on the hole stretch and we wanted to check them out:)

Our First stop was Huntington Beach, with tons of surfer. I think it was actually named the Best Surf Beach in the states.. or possible world.. minor detail;) The Huntington Beach Pier is long and has a huge Ruby’s diner at the end. All 1950’s inspired so of course an other burger with a view was coming up, and it was delicious. We also saw this huge bird.. not sure if it was a pelican, but sure looked like one!

Huntington Beach Pelican

Crystal Cove was probably my favorite and biggest surprise. I didn’t expect much, which can some times be a good thing. It was like being in a time loop of beach cottages build from 1930- 1950’s, and beautifully renovated.

Crystal Cove Sign

Crystal Cove Soda Shack

The view from the lookout point at Crescent bay is amazing… there are a lot more beaches and beautiful bays to explore, on this stretch of the route 1, so get out there and explore:)

Cresent Bay Roadtrip

Cresent bay lookout point
Last stop on our roadtrip was Crescent bay.

Have you been to any of these places and enjoyed them as much as me? Let me know:)

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  1. Mai says: Reply

    I wonna share food with you in schwitzerland if it a jumbosize

    1. You’re on.. 🙂 We will have to order the most delicious meal at least once though.

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