Riga padlocks and the art of slow travel

Morten on padlock bridge in Riga

When we do extended travel, and especially in cities, we like to take it slow. If we don’t, we will wear ourselves out. Since Morten was having a bit of a cold, this was the perfect day to slow down.. just wonder around, enjoying the beauty of Riga.

Riga is encircled by a small river, it may have been an old fortification once, now the land surrounding the river, is turned into parks.
This long strip of park, makes Riga seem very green and remind me (again) a little bit of Paris. they are very enchanting and has little paths crisscrossing in between beautiful green trees, detailed bridges and beautiful lampposts.

woman in blur dress riga

I snapped this photo of an older woman in the park, she just looked so beautiful standing there in the sun in her bright blue dress surrounded by all the green, she looked like she didn’t mind being my photo model:)

padlock riga

japanese padlock riga

Many of the bridges had a bunch of padlocks, one looked like the names of the Danish couple:). We also found one with some Chinese or japanese writing on it which was kind of fun, since Morten is learning Japanese right now. Too bad he hasn’t studied it long enough to know whether it was Chinese or Japanese.. maybe in the near future:)

Riga rose

We havn’t perfected our skills as “slow travelers” yet, and still struggle a bit in this area. But we are getting better with each trip we take, and learning as we go, finding out what works best for us.

Nice to realize and reminds ourselves that we are already living some of our dream, not stuck at home anymore:)

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  1. Riga is the 2014 European Capital of Culture so I’m thinking about visiting in the next few months. It’s wonderful to read about it before going. 🙂

    1. Riga is great, you should go.. get it on your bucketlist;) I recoment doing “faces treasurehunt” (many of the art nouveau buildings have faces on them and are quite impressive. Old town is a gem and the river front going south has been renovated and great place to stroll when the sun is setting. Enjoy!
      By the way Aarhus were I life is European Capital of culture 2017, so swing by if you are in the area:)

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