No trains in Lithuania? -the Vilnius Riga bus

busdrive from Riga to Vilnius
The view from our seat was great:)

After spending a short week in Riga, we jumped on the bus to Vilnius. We tried to find a train (since I struggle with motion sickness and it’s worse in busses) but strangely no regular routes between Riga and Vilnius. They said, they do run sometimes, but that busses are MUCH faster.

There were several Vilnius Riga bus companies to choose from, and we chose ecoline, as our airbnb host had recommended.

We were able to reserve the two front seats on the upper level, which was very comforting to me since I would be able to see the road and horizon. The bus was on time, clean, and a comfortable smooth ride. I love traveling, but always worry about the transportation bit:/

Both ecoline and euroline have many routes through out Europe and run between most capitals and larger cities.

It is a cheap way to travel Europe, if you are on a budget.

Do you have any experience with either ecoline or euroline that would be helpful to others? Or other ways to get from Riga to Vilnius?

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