Nativity of Christ Cathedral alas the Pink Cathedral


We were out looking for the the Art Nouveau buildings, when we stumbled upon this wonderful pink cathedral in the middle of a park in Riga:) I had read about it before going, but wasn’t expecting to bump in to it like this.


The Nativity of Christ Cathedral was build between 1876 and 1883 when Riga was under Tzar Alexander 2nd of the Russian Empire.. I have to go to Russia at some point to learn more about the Tzar’s mostly just because I love the sound off that word..Tzar:)

Back to the topic… It is bouild in a Neo-Byzantine style as an Orthodox cathedral, but as so manny other times in the Baltics, they were taken over by the Germans who turned it into a Lutheran Church in 1921.

The Soviets marches in and in the 1960’s, opposing all religion, they convert it in to a planetarium! It is so difficult to imagine this great space as a planetarium, with all it’s paintings, domes and gold ornaments.


The Nativity of Christ Cathedral has lines of pink bricks in-between the cream colored once. Behind some of the detailed ornamentations it is also painted pink, giving the hole Cathedral a wonderful glow and the gold domes top it off like a cute Big cupcake:)


Although I love it, I find city traveling exhausting sometimes. You do so much walking, looking and studying and are so alert. We decided to relax in the park for a few hours, so found a simple little cafe, ordered a salad and took a break.

Morten is learning Japanese, so practiced his kanji and I am re-reading Tammy Strobel’s book, to do a review for GoDownsize.



On the way home we went by the Freedom Monument.

It celebrates Latvia’s freedom and independence, gained after the Latvian war of independence from Soviet, who was occupying Latvia at this time. The war was a series of battles between 1918 and 1920… the statue was only put up in 1935.. little did they know they would soon get paid a little visit from Germany again.. and then Soviet.

Maybe this is part of the reason The Freedom Monument is so important and loved by many Latvians. The Soviets considered demolishing it, but the plans were never carried out, luckily!!


We had a nice relaxing day, enjoying the sun and the city:)

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