Copenhagen sunset


Juli 1st

Morten and I decided to go on a little mini-adventure to Copenhagen this week. We started out on the floor of a train for 3 hours, DSB never puts in extra trains when summer break hits, and I cant figure out why! We made it and it was fun:)

We borrowed an apartment from a friend, who was hiking in Norway, and it was so nice to have a private homebase.



We went to our friend Tines place for dinner. She was literally a 15 min walk down the street, very convenient. She lives on the 5th floor, and has acces to the top floor, from there you can open a window and climb up a latter and get to the roof. It was a bit scary, but the view was amazing.

ImageWe goofed around a bit, and enjoyed the sunset over the roofs. Amazing how many chimneys are visible from that angle:) It was like a city of chimneys.



Ever since 2004 I have had a problem with my balance, due to a virus in my ear, this has caused me to be a bit more scared of hights …But if you like a good view, you just have to push through and do it.



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  1. What an ideal life — you have so many great places within traveling distance.

    1. Thank you…Yes, we are trying to make the most of it:) It’s a good exercise in enjoying what’s posible, and living in the moment.

      1. Since you’ve been, I’ll ask: Do you know anyone who could recommend a hotel in Copenhagen? Or perhaps, an area of town that it’s good for tourists?

        1. I always stay with friends when I’m in copenhagen, so don’t really know any hotels. But I think all hotels in Copenhagen can be found on It depends on your budget as well.
          When it comes to area I would stay in the center, southwest or west near Frederiksberg, versterport, vesterbrogade or dronningens boulevard (just stay clear of Istedgade for a hotel, a little red light distric). East is to far from everything else. North is very busy and loud and northwest is were most immigrants live. It´s not that dangerous, but I wouldn’t stay there for a holiday visit.
          Are you going to Copenhagen?

  2. Hoping to go, but still in trip-planning stages. I was browsing Trip Advisor yesterday, looking at the hotel possibilities when I remembered your blog post. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Any time:)

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