3 budget places to eat down town Riga

I am a food lover, and one of my favorite things about traveling is trying the local food options. We were in Riga 6 days and loved these 3 places.

They are all reasonably priced, which you might like if you travel on a low budget like us

Wok to walk

It’s buffet style wok place, with an amazing interior. The style is industrial, and the atmosphere relaxed.
It is a buffet style “stir fry”, were you combine your own ingredients, and then they fry everything in the sauce of your choice. They have a big selection of meat, veggies, rice and noodles.

At Wok to walk you pay 3,5-6 Lat pr portion and they are huge. You get a lot of food for very little money and when there is enough food for two people in one dish, it gets the price down even further.
Good healthy food, good location and super good price!

Wok to walk in Riga

Cake shop

In Galerija centrs (central mall) we found this tiny cake shop, I forgot the name unfortunately. Lots and lots of beautiful cakes. It’s a small shop, but does have a few little tables to enjoy your cake and drink.
It seem like a normal thing in Riga, to stop on the way home at a little cake shop/bakery and enjoy a cake.

The cakes are small, the perfect size for a treat. With a price of 0,7 Lat, who can resist?

Galerija centrs cake

Morten at pasticeria Riga

Restaurent Desiderata

We were out hunting for lunch one day, and when I saw the salmon on the menu, it called out for me..”come and eat me, I am so delicious”.
Only problem was we couldn’t find the restaurant. Finally around the corner, through a dark closed door and down the stairs to the basement, we found the restaurant. The restaurant was completely empty, but it looked so elegant and cozy, so we stayed.
Restaurent Desiderata

The decor was modern mixed in with the old stone walls, it worked very well, and was extremely elegant. Since the place was empty the waiter offered us the VIP lounge.. it was like a little cave with big bulky and comfortable chairs.

romantic cave delicious salmon

I got, of course, the salmon, and it did NOT disappoint! I later found out that Desiderata was awarded The Best restaurant in Latvia in 2010.
We only payed 5 Lat for the salmon, which in my humble opinion, is an extremely good price.
Highly recommend the hole experience.

Do you have any more recommendations for budget eating in Riga?

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    1. You make delicious cheap food, so any time:)

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